Daily Dilemma

So, it’s 6:55 and your ride to school is going to show up in 10 minutes. You are standing in front of your closet in a bathrobe, fuzzy slippers and a towel on your head. Next to you stands a mountain of clothes. The daily dilemma… what to wear. Black jeans? Wore them yesterday. Plaid skirt? Too cold. Your favorite PJ’s? If only.

Your problem…you need a stylist.

And, unless you’re on the road to becoming the next reality superstar, chances are you are NOT getting your only stylist. That’s were I come in. I’m here to help you pick out that oh so perfect outfit for school. Our focus: The Everyday Girl!

This Blog will help you make it through your school week. We’ll help you stock your closet with “go to” items, give you outfit tips and show you photos of everyday girls wearing these styles.

Now, grab those jeans and your favorite T-shirt and go rock your day! After all, you’re an awesome everyday girl!

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