Closet Basics

Now that you’ve gotten over your pilephobia, it’s time to stock that closet! You don’t need a ton of clothes, but you do need the right clothes. It’s important to be able to mix and match and create as many outfits as possible!


Whoever said “Shoes make the outfit” was a genius. This one item can take your ensemble from drab to fab. It can also totally change a look from casual to dressy.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Fashion Sneaker: this can be Adidas, Converse, Sperry, it really doesn’t matter what brand you choose. *Helpful Hint: look for a rounded front shoe…remember this is not your gym shoes it’s a fashion sneaker!
  • Ankle boots: black or brown
  • A pair of sandals: In my opinion the sparkier the better, every girl needs a little bling in her life! And no, this is not a beach flip flop.


This is going to be your main staple as a fashionista…choose wisely! It is best to go to the store and try on A LOT of different jeans. You need to find the style that fits your body type. Remember: Not everyone looks great in a superskinny jean or a wide leg.

I recommend starting with a skinny jean and moving to other styles from there. Try stores like Charlotte Russe, Old Navy, or Forever 21. *Helpful Hint: if you want to spend a little extra money Jessica Simpson makes a really comfy well designed skinny jean called Kiss Me – Skinny Jeans.

You will need dark blue, light blue and black. This will ensure you can make multiple outfits in a week without having to do laundry.

Shirts and Sweaters

Shirts can be divided into a few categories:

  • The T-shirt – Must haves include: 2 V-Neck T-shirts (White and Black), 2 Crew Neck (these can be plain or graphic, you choose your style)
  • The flannel – Every girl should have at least one, so go crazy and pick your favorite colors!
  • Girly Tops: These are shirts that fit the latest trends; off the shoulder, ruffle, open back, etc. You can find these at ANY teen store. Try Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Rue 21, Old Navy, and the list goes on and on depending on how much money you want to spend! You will want 2-3 of these.


For this I recommend adding your personal style. But, if you haven’t landed on a style yet, here are my recommendations:

  • One short black sweater: Black goes with EVERYTHING!
  • One V-Neck sweater – Try brown, grey or black
  • One sweater with a hood – go for color here…pink, light blue, orange, yellow, it doesn’t really matter.
  • One long sweater – you can wear this with jeans or leggings

Skirts and Dresses

This category is a bit harder. Skirt and dress styles seem to change from season to season. You are going to need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and truly, don’t spend a lot of your budget here. Buy a dress or two for dressy casual occasions and be done with it. My favorites right now are:

  • Skater dresses (can be worn with fashion sneaker or sandals)
  • High-low dresses (this is where the dress is shorter in the front and longer in the back)
  • Maxi dress with a halter top – if you have nice arms and shoulders – this one is for you!

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