Self Care Sunday: Why self care is so important

All week you are running ragged. You go from school to activities to homework. The days are long and sunlight is limited in these winter months. That is why self care is sooooooooooooo important.

Girl, turn off your phone and have a little me time. I know, you might miss that all important snap or you are in the middle of binge watch some great show on Netflix, but lets be real….aren’t you more important than that?

The answer is YES!

Now that you’ve turned off that phone, or device, or TV, what are you going to do? Instead of wandering the halls or heading to the fridge try these ideas.

Number 1: The Bath

If you haven’t yet invested in bath bombs or bubble bath, whip out that amazon gift card you got for Christmas and get yourself some top notch product. Here are a few we’ve tried and LOVE! Both of the products below smell amazing and leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Number 2: The Mask

Masks are so fun and make your skin the pick me up it really needs before

Image result for sheet masks

starting a long week. The best part about masks is they are made for every skin type and range in price from $1.00 – $12.99. You can even look like your favorite animal while you lay back and enjoy the silence.

Number 3: Yoga!

If you have not jumped on the yoga bandwagon, you are really missing out. There is nothing more relaxing then a few yoga poses. If you’ve never done yoga and aren’t sure it’s your thing, start with this simple pose. It will change your life!

Find a wall free of stuff. Lay down on your back scooting your bottom up to the wall. Lay back, stretching your legs up the wall. (You should be in an L position with your legs on the wall and your back on the floor.) Let your arms fall naturally to your sides. Stay in this position for 15 minutes. This pose will increase mood and circulation.

Number 4: Water

Research shows that 55%-70% of the human body is made up of water. (depending on age and gender) That means it is important that you are constantly rewarding your body with that glass of water.

To keep it interesting, try adding these infusions to your water:

  • add cucumbers and/or lemon to your water
  • blueberries with slices of lime
  • strawberries and a few leaves of fresh basil
  • grapefruit and and chopped mint

What do you do to self care? Tell us in the comments below.

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